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We all love our computing devices. They make it easy to connect with family and friends. They help us accomplish any task we can imagine. They retrieve information on anything we want to learn. They deliver us a constant stream of news and entertainment from all over the web.

But how we use our devices has become chaotic over time. We are constantly distracted, so we keep losing track of where we were. We spend too much time scrolling for meaningless dopamine hits, and not enough time learning and improving. We are equipped with countless tools that never forget, but somehow still manage to forget things. Our relationships with our most trusted products have become unhealthy, and in some cases, dangerous.

The problem is with how information flows from the world to us. Operating systems have been optimized for hosting as many apps as possible. Apps have been optimized for delivering as much content as quickly and as often as possible. The result can be summarized as an army of apps that continuously interrupt one another to flood our senses with endless feeds filled with short-term stimulants. These days, using our devices feels like drinking sugar water from a hundred fire hydrants at once.

NOU is designed to redirect information into a flow that feels much more comfortable to us. Engaging content as well as tasks that require our attention are organized into streams that we control, so we are given the space to get more done and fully digest information. NOU also helps us develop healthier habits by making it easier to monitor our usage patterns.

At a time when all incentives seem pointed towards higher complexity and chaos, we need tools that help us slow down and be more intentional about how we allocate our attention. NOU is our contribution to this category.


NOU is a cognitive tool for offloading tasks you need to do as well as content you want to consume. Once you build a habit of capturing information in NOU, you will get more done and digest more high quality information.

Curate a delightful list of articles, books, podcasts, and videos in your Queue, and program your habits and todos in your Scheduler. Then, use your NOU Home as your clutter-free focus zone solely dedicated to what requires your attention now. In no time, NOU begins to function as your personal information filter and an engine that fuels your productivity and growth!


NOU is coming soon to iOS in 2020. If you would like to get a preview and provide feedback, please enter your email below.

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